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You’ve probably heard more than one person tell you about the nursing shortage. So, you never expected to have to hunt for a job! Unfortunately, despite a real shortage of nurses, the job market is still competitive. So, if you’re a recent grad and you’re looking for your first nursing job, here are 3 tips to help you with your search—in addition to the 7 that Amanda, Keith, and I share in an interview for NursingCE.com.

  1. Worry Less about Your Lack of Experience

Employers understand that as a recent graduate you’re not likely to have a great deal of experience. When they look at a novice nurse, they want to see key character strengths. Demonstrate that you are a team player who works hard.

It’s always helpful to bring a portfolio of your nursing school experiences with you to the interview to showcase projects where you demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and professionalism.

  1. Rehearse for the Interview

The interview is your time to make an impression. Practice answering questions beforehand with a coach, friend, or professor. Watch your body language. Try not to fidget. Look relaxed but alert. Smile.

  1. Know What’s Realistic

Although it is possible to land a job in a specialty right out of nursing school, it’s not likely. Most managers want to see that you’ve spent at least a year gaining experience in an area that helps you learn how to manage your time and prioritize.

If you have your heart set on a certain specialty, don’t give up on it. But, be ready to adjust your expectations about what’s possible right out of nursing school. Instead of getting upset about not being able to find work in your dream specialty, focus your energy on planning to move toward that dream job over time.

To see 7 additional tips for how to land a job out of nursing school and learn more about what’s realistic for a new grad to expect as they job search, see the full article at Nursingce.com.


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Amanda has contributed to public health initiatives on two continents in three countries. She’s currently pursuing a nursing degree and has successfully owned and operated a freelance writing business specializing in content for healthcare organizations for three years. She and her husband and daughter live in New York. They all enjoy eating out at great restaurants. Connect with Amanda on Linkedin and start a conversation.

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