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5 Things You Need to Know About Self Confidence A Guest Post by Elle Sommer

Do you sometimes find yourself in a state of uncertainty, or insecurity about something you’d like to do, but haven’t yet?

Can you imagine doing something different if you only had the confidence to strike out?

If you’re ready, really ready to change what’s happening in your life, here’s a thought that might make all the difference.

1. Do it

The bottom line is that the most successful among us do what the rest of us only think about doing.

When we stop allowing obstacles to have power over us, when we come to understand we are more powerful than any problem, we begin to see ourselves in a new light.

You are designed for greatness, for success. You’re not sinking, or drowning or broken and you are not unworthy of living the most wonderful life you can imagine.

Believe in yourself. Believe in you when no one else does. Believe in yourself first…others will follow.

Life is about managing the ups and downs as best you can, choosing to live it in such a way that every day you feel a little more love, a little more hope, a little more care, a little more healing, a little more confident.

Its time to know you can.

2. Starting today…

Forget what hasn’t worked before. Delight in what’s yet to come. Be excited about everything that’s on it’s way to you.

We live in a world that respects and admires new ideas and those with the confidence to bring them to fruition and whilst it’s easier than ever to come up with an idea for something new and take steps to make it happen, you make it harder on yourself if you believe you can’t do it.

Most of us  live with uncertainties and insecurities. It’s easy to feel uncertain when things don’t work out the way you wanted. It’s easy to let insecurities rob you of hope for the future.

Try to remember, you are a beautiful spirit, don’t pull yourself down…give yourself a chance to fly.

Self doubt is your greatest enemy. Give it up.

Love yourself and forgive yourself without apology for who you are.

3. Why waste time on what you’re not?

Pay no attention to what everyone else is doing, and don’t worry if they seem to do it better than you.

Everyone has failed. Everyone at some time, in some way, feels they don’t measure up. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Far too much time gets wasted on comparing yourself to others.

You were born amazing, not perfect.

Look back and remember all the compliments you’ve received, recognize the skills you’ve developed and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Look for things that you’ve accomplished in the past or present. Look for your daily victories, no matter how small.

It might be a huge victory that you got out of bed this morning. It counts.

Acknowledgement of who you are, the kindnesses you’ve shown, the love you’ve felt, the struggles you overcame…it all matters. Everything you’ve done has lead you to where you are today, everything you’re becoming is taking you towards your best future.

Each little acknowledgement creates a vibration of success and happiness in the ‘now’ which draws more success and greater confidence in your future.

4. Redefine your agreement with reality

What is life to you? Is it a battle or a struggle? Is it you against the world? Or is it an incredible adventure?

Maybe you see it as a gift?

Whatever your perspective there’s one question you need to answer.

How is this working for me?  

We view life through filters of past experiences, creating a set of rules and ideas that make up what reality means to us.

Think back, things happened to you, and you gave them meanings. Maybe you made a mistake and you decided  you weren’t capable or competent enough. Maybe you felt rejected or that you were a failure or inadequate in some way.

As if that’s not bad enough you then begin to define new experiences through these filters, validating the way you see the world. And so these old beliefs of who you are and what you can do keep right on going, like the energizer bunny.

What you see and what you know depends on where you’re standing. It’s as simple as that. Your current view point, is not necessarily the truth of things.

If it looks like you’re on the wrong track, it’s okay, don’t fret.

One way to instantly change your relationship to confidence, to success, to yourself and to your world is to change your agreement with reality.

Life is about managing your beliefs. Keep the ones that encourage you to be all you can be and eliminate the ones that discourage. This might help…

5. Spiritually speaking

Everything in life depends on the attitude you have towards yourself.

Your fate lies in your hands. It lies in the concepts you have and the assumptions you make about who you are and what you’re capable of.

To move forward in life give up the belief that you aren’t enough; that you don’t have what it takes to fulfill the purpose that is yours alone.

If you continue to allow your insecurities to rule your life, you will never rise to the level of your true greatness.

Everything you need, to be filled to the brim with self confidence, is already in you. The only condition required to experience it, is your acceptance that it is true.

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