the best vision is insight phrase  on a vintage slate blackboard

the best vision is insight phrase on a vintage slate blackboard


The life that you create is a reflection of the power that you are able to use. As you are already a part of the whole and a shard of the divine, you already have all the power you need – but we can give it away, often without meaning to. Becoming conscious about how we can give our power away means that we can make choices about how to hold on to it so that we can use it for better things.

So how do we give our power away?

1/ Decide that’s it. Telling yourself that there is nothing more for you to discover, learn, or even be amazed by is a shortcut to closing yourself down to new experiences and input that can make your life here a fantastic and fascinating rich experience. Along with that goes trying to hypnotise yourself into believing that whatever circumstance you’re in can’t change. Change is one of the few things you can be absolutely certain about and believe it or not you do have unlimited choices for change. Embrace the power of change!

2/ Convince yourself that any one thing, person or experience is Your All. Life is an incredible journey throughout which you will meet many amazing souls and have more fabulous experiences than you could possibly sit down and count at one sitting. When you are in your power, you hold on to a deep gratitude, reverence and joy for the experience of everything, but when you make any one thing your absolute all, you give it a false weighting of importance in the balance of your experience. This is your life, your journey, and you can give everything your best without handing over everything to one person or experience. Know there is more beauty to come.

3/ Care more about what other people think than what you think. Every single person that you meet throughout life arrives to teach you something. We can exchange views, connections, opinions and experiences, but we need to hold ourselves at the centre of all of that. When we give other people the power to decide whether or not we are talented, worthy, beautiful, smart or deserving, we erode our own power. When we follow what someone else tells us we should do and override what we think or intuitively know is right for us, we get off course. Follow your heart and know you are equal to all people as we are all one, no one is better than you and you are lovable exactly as you are.

4/ Give up on your dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you want to invent a new device or adore singing, your dreams are part of what make you unique and add passion and juice to your existence. Sometimes our dreams have to go on the backburner of our lives for a while whilst we focus on something else, but we should keep their fires lit, check in every so often to work out whether there isn’t something else we could do to keep them ticking over or do you want a different dream now? Our dreams are achievable and fluid. We also have unlimited opportunity to embrace and create new dreams.

5/ Forget the basics. Eat well, sleep enough, drink water and exercise. Your body is an amazing and complex thing and does extraordinary things for you all day every day. Treat it with reverence and respect and it will do a lot more for a lot longer. Because our mind and body are connected, you can’t think at your best when you are treating yourself at your worst. I’d also throw meditation into the bare minimum mix because there is so much good to be said for it and you can do it whilst you’re waiting for a bus, so no excuse for not having time!

You have more power than you can possibly know and in each moment you can step into that power.


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