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9 Essential Personal Leadership Skills A Guest Post by Kaylene Mathews

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Strong personal leadership isn’t something we’re born with. It’s something every one of us has to work on to master. It’s something you have to recommit to every single day, because it’s not easy. It’s a decision, an intentional act of the will to stay the course and be a strong personal leader.

9 Essential Personal Leadership Skills

1. Discipline – Nothing happens without discipline, not even getting out of bed in the morning. You must have discipline to start, to keep going and to finish strong. It’s simply about making yourself do what you need to do, even when you don’t want to do it – which is harder on some days than others.

2. Self-Awareness – Not being self-aware is like walking around with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Everyone sees it but you and they’re all talking about it. Self-awareness helps you to see what others see and allows you to adjust and improve accordingly. It empowers you to put your best self forward in every situation.

3. Gratitude – According to Psychology Today, gratitude has numerous benefits including but not limited to, increased determination, enthusiasm, attention and energy. It also will make you more optimistic, improve your exercise, and reduce physical ailments AND it helps you sleep better, lowers depression and has an indirect effect on lowering anxiety. The best part about gratitude is that it’s your choice and it costs you nothing.

4. Commitment to Excellence – Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” When we perform to the very best of our ability, we are practicing excellence. It’s not about perfection, it’s about commitment. Showing up every day and giving everything you’ve got.

5. Routines and Rituals – The purpose of routines and rituals for the strong personal leader is to help you build strong habits into your life. Similar to filling your car with gas and getting regular tune-ups and oil changes, routines and rituals keep your leadership running smoothly.

6. Patience – To have what you really want in life, to live your life on purpose and with purpose requires a degree of patience. The maturity and wisdom found in patience is the bedrock of your success in life both personally and professionally. Patience, especially for the young and motivated and the old and irritated alike, is a virtue that requires intentional effort.


7. Intentional – You cannot be a strong personal leader without being intentional about everything you do. Being intentional requires thought, planning, reflecting, effort, commitment and action. Being unintentional in life is like taking your hands off the steering wheel while driving 80 mph down the freeway. You will eventually end up somewhere you never wanted to be.

8. Grit – This is simply digging in, digging deep and pushing through the tough spots in life. It doesn’t tolerate whining or lamenting or grumbling and complaining. It’s just staying the course when you want to give up. It’s realizing that sometimes life is just life and you have to deal with it.

9. Fun-Loving – The opposite of fun is, “not fun,” which equals stress, because stress is not fun. It’s elementary really. By logical deduction, if you want less stress in your life you need to be having more fun. Stress kills us a little bit each day. According to Statistics Brain, in the United States the percentage of people who regularly experience physical symptoms related to stress is 77% and the percentage of people who regularly experience psychological symptoms of stress is 73%. Stress is rampant and its effects are exacting a toll on our mental, emotional, physical and relational health. The cure? HAVE FUN! Strong personal leaders incorporate fun into their lives because it’s important, it’s good for your health and the soul.

To have what you really want in life and enjoy consistent long-term success master these 9 essential personal leadership skills. Small steps taken each day in the right direction will lead you to the future you really want.



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