There are 7 Energy Centers

That run through the middle of you like a string of pearls. Each energy center has its own function and governs its own set of personality traits and emotions (see the illustration above).

I would like to share a relaxation technique that I commonly use when I am trying to remain grounded and focused called color breathing. This is a mindful visualization. It is a brief practice that can be done just about anywhere. Ideally, you should try to find a quiet spot where you can have a few private minutes. However, you can do it while:

  • Waiting in a line
  • Waiting for an elevator
  • Sitting at a meeting or at your desk
  • Sitting in a car
  • Walking
  • Lying in bed

I going to focus on color breathing using the Heart (4th) Chakra and Root (1st) Chakra. The Heart Chakra, which resonates to the color green, is where we hold our heart-based energies such as love, compassion, anxiety, sadness, or grief. The Root Chakra, which resonates to the color red, anchors us to the steadiness and stability of Mother Earth. This is a great technique to use when your heart is feeling heavy, when you are concerned that your emotions may spill over, or when you need to feel more grounded.  

  • Bring your awareness to the energy that you are feeling in your heart and take a normal breath.
  • On your next breath, imagine yourself breathing green light into your heart and exhaling red light out the bottom of your feet.
  • Again, visualize breathing green light in through your chest and exhaling red light out the bottom of your feet.
  • See the excess emotions being shifted, with each exhalation, from your Heart Chakra to your Root Chakra deeply grounding you to Mother Earth.
  • Do this for two or three more breaths.
  • The unsettling, excess heart energy is now strengthening your energetic base, giving you a renewed sense of self-management and composure.

When you do this color breathing relaxation exercise it will leave you feeling more calm, relaxed, and ready for whatever is ahead. It can be done first thing in the morning to set you up for the day, last thing at night to help you relax and wind down, or at any time during the day if you need to let go and re-focus.

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