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I believe the idea of a fresh start is important for people. However, it is vital that the energy that is fueling any new beginning be positive and accepting of all that has come before. Life, as I’ve come to know it, is a series of challenges, choices, and life-lessons. We are charged with trying to navigate our Path to the best of our ability on that given day. If we are lucky, we begin to develop wisdom. This wisdom then can become a reservoir to draw from so that we can meet our new challenges with more resilience, make better choices, and apply learned life-lesson in the future. This leaves no room for the negative energy of regret.

From a numerology perspective, 2019 is a 3-year. The number 3 has the energy of the Bringer of Change. The number 3 resonates with creative self-expression, social interaction, and optimism. It serves as a reminder that we are made of both human and divine energy.  That fact should shed some light on why we seem to be in a state of constant struggle. We are perpetually in a state of Becoming.

So, this year, I encourage you to resist embracing the negative energy and disappointment that often accompanies the idea or need to resolve to mend our ways. There is nothing about you that is damaged or in need of fixing. Instead, lean into the imaginative energy of 2019 and re-envision yourself in light of all that you have overcome and learned. Stand tall, have faith, and take a positive step forward to what is possible.

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