How You Can Make Your Life Exceptional A Guest Post by Mike Rodriguez



Life can seem like an endless void of living an average, basic life at times, making it difficult to be enthusiastic about living. Mike Rodriguez wants to teach you how to change this. He wants you to be able to live an exceptional life, teaching that “you are where you and what you are because of what has gone into your mind.” Following this line of reasoning, it would be logical to conclude “you can change where you are and you can change what you are by changing what goes into your mind.” Rodriguez believes this is true and here is why.

You can change where you are and you can change what you are by changing what goes into your mind.

It took Rodriguez “up until about a year and a half ago to really understand what that means.” It is easy to read from a list of inspirational quotes and think you understand what is being said, but in order to actively apply inspiration in your life, it is vital to actually understand the reasoning and meaning behind said advice.

Rodriguez explains the meaning behind the idea of changing who you are by changing what goes into your mind by explaining, “Who you become every day is based on what you’re reading, what you’re watching and what you’re thinking about.” This is easy to grasp. Your life is made up of the activities you partake in, day in and day out. The summary of your days becomes your life. Understanding this is vital to understanding how you change your life because “who you think about” and what you think about “is who you start to become.” What actions you take become your life, and while many people have good intentions with their lives… “a thing happens to us… it’s called routine.”

A thing happens to us… it’s called routine.

“Each of us has a routine. You have two routines in your life.” Rodriguez explains the first routine as “those things you do every morning from the time when you wake up and open your eyes.” This is the personal routine, the routine you have inside of your head. What are you telling yourself when you look in the mirror while you brush your teeth? What are you telling yourself as you get dressed or check your iPhone for messages? Rodriguez challenges us to make those sentiments, to make those first ideas and words in the morning something positive. “I’m going to challenge you to wake up every day and say, ‘Thank God, I’m alive and thank God I’m employed.’” He wants us to be thankful. “And if you’re not employed, then it’s thank God I have the opportunity to go and get a job. That I am employable.” Rodriguez wants us to be happy, to be joyful, to be thankful. He wants us to make our life extraordinary by realizing the extraordinary blessing of just being alive.

Then he turns that blessing into something we can use to take action in our own lives. Rodriguez explains, “If you are alive and you’re breathing, then you have a purpose and then you also have a responsibility to figure out what that purpose is and to fill it.” He says that it is the act of living, the act of breathing and thinking and stepping through life that is validation provided by God. It is “validation… that you do have a purpose. That you’re here. That there’s a reason.” He wants us to search for this reason, to find our purpose and to pursue it. To break our routines if we are bored with our lives and reach out to find what we are meant to do. “When you’re following the same routine each day, this is where we all get mixed up” and think we don’t have time to seek out our passion. However, what is really happening is that we are becoming consumed by the day-to-day activities of life and not making time. We always have time, we just need to sort our priorities out to ensure we make time for what matters in life… and if your life is anything but exceptional, that mission is to make time to find your purpose and become exceptional.

“You’ve got to start breaking your routines. You’ve got to start doing something different every morning.” Rodriguez points out that breaking our routines can be as simple as waking up and telling ourselves that “I’m valuable and I’m worthy.” He says maybe it is a simple change from sitting down to have a large breakfast to going for a jog, or hitting an early fitness class. “You make it a priority to start fitting those things that are important into your life.” It starts, as Rodriguez explains, with these small changes. All of the small changes eventually all add up to become large changes in your life.

To change your life, you have to change what you put in your life. Rodriguez believes “it all starts with your belief.” Having “a strong belief in your spirituality, in your faith” means that you have a foundational strength, as this spirituality is a “core foundation of who you are.” Faith is the foundation of which to build your life upon. “In order to become who you want to be, you’ve got to start believing in who you are today already.” You have to believe that you are worthy and able to be successful, that you deserve to take a chance on yourself, your career, your life. You have to believe that you deserve to be amazing in order to succeed because this belief allows “your thoughts [to] start to change.” It is with the changing of thoughts that you turn from disbelief into faith, from not believing you could ever accomplish something to believing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Why is this the case? Rodriguez says that when “you change your belief system, you change your thoughts” and so “now your attitude changes.” It is your attitude that changes your life. Your attitude will dictate whether or not you take a chance on yourself or stay where you are, whether or not you take a leap of faith or fall back into despair and regret. “You have to believe that you can do it, but then you’ve got to get those legs moving and change that routine to get it happening because if you’re not changing your routine, you’re going to do the same things that you’ve always done.”

“Your belief leads to your thoughts, your thoughts to your actions, your actions based on your attitude, your actions are what is going to get you to where you need to go.” In short, it is your attitude that matters the most. Your attitude will dictate your life – but to change your attitude, you must change the way that you think, and the way you think is rooted in your belief system. “Believe that you are ready, capable and worthy. And remember if you’re not sure of it, each morning when you wake up – that’s your validation. That’s your indicator. The sign that you’re breathing, because He’s the only one that can take that away.”

Rodriguez ends with a challenge. He says he wants to “challenge [us] today… to ask [ourselves] every morning ‘What do I believe in?’ ‘What are my routines?’ and ‘Am I willing to change them, to become who it is that I truly want to be, and that I am worthy of being?’” His final note being to “go forth and make your life exceptional.” So? What are you waiting for? You’re breathing, aren’t you? Good. It’s your validation. You are worthy. Now go change your life and make it exceptional.


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