Creating a Happy & Inspiring Workplace Culture depends on so many details. Still, there’s always a small but meaningful action that you can take to improve it, especially for such stressful yet compassionate professions as a caregiver. Meditation is undoubtedly one of those actions! Is it the ultimate wellness hack?

Meditation at Work is a Potential Game-changer

Whether it’s a caregiver job or any other, meditation can be that game-changer. Over the past few decades, much research and studies have been done on meditation, revealing plenty of science-based benefits! Let’s explore meditation at work and what it can do for you.

5 Main Benefits of Meditation at Work

  1. A bit of Me time

Let’s take a caregiver job as an example. Being “on-call” almost all day can leave one feeling constantly overwhelmed and worried without any real “me time.” However, one could win back some “me time” with meditation.

Setting aside just ten simple minutes and going as quiet as possible in mind can do wonders for the rest of the shift or the day. 

Let’s not forget that meditation is ultimately a tool for self-care that provides a necessary pause to center yourself.

  1. Reduced Stress & Burnout

Stress and burnout are common in all workplaces and it is a serious issue that impacts personal life with disrupted sleeping patterns, more anxiety, increased blood pressure, and fogy thinking. And reducing all of these issues is the most common reason people meditate in the first place. Over the years, plenty of studies such as this or this one showed how meditation decreases cortisol levels and the inflammation it causes in our bodies and brains.

Science, spiritual community, celebrities, you name it – everyone is standing behind meditation to cope with our busy work schedules and stress; therefore, it should be highly considered in stressful work conditions.

  1. Being in Control of Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most substantial results of stress. But what if you could not only reduce anxiety but also control it? Believe it or not, meditation can help you do that.

The transcendental meditation technique was found to reduce overall anxiety. And those who had the highest anxiety levels felt the most positive outcome!

What about a study that was directly aimed at work-related anxiety? The positive results are also there as one study found employees improve their overall wellbeing and reduce stress when using a meditation app for eight weeks!

  1. Improved Attention Span

Attention and focus are required in any profession, but let’s go back to the caregivers of our world. The incredible amount of attention caregivers give every day is outstanding and tiresome. Over time, the focus and attention span decreases due to overuse and burnout.

According to this study, even a brief and short mindfulness meditation can improve attention span in the long run.

Another similar research paper shows how those who regularly practiced meditation had a great attention span and did better on visual tasks than those who didn’t meditate at all!

  1. Improves Memory & Cognition

In all of the chaos at work, one can lose its mind and start forgetting many things in the process. And a few particular studies stands out as an example of how meditation can improve memory.

A study done in 2018 by the University of California reveals how intensive meditation training increased cognition, thus improving problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, and crisis management! That’s a lot of benefits!

Another study was done on the military and how meditation impacts the military’s personnel memory. Two military groups – one that performed meditation and the other who carried on with the regular routine had a completely different result. Contrary to those who did not meditate, the ones who did had no decrease in working memory.

Conclusion + Extra Tips

As you can see, a little meditation in your workplace can go a long way to improve the essential functions and aspects of your mental health. Don’t hesitate; give it a try and see how it slowly works wonders!

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 Vytautas is an enthusiastic freelance writer and creator on behalf of He has a strong passion for mindfulness and exploring the boundaries of life through the written word.

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