Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue

2908, 2017

What is the difference between a nurse and a caregiver? A Guest Post by Tess Pajaron

August 29, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|

What is the difference between a nurse and a caregiver? If you’re asking yourself this question it’s likely that a parent or other elderly loved one is in need of some additional support. Or maybe you’re looking into career opportunities in the care of seniors. In either case, the difference [...]

308, 2017

Navigating Medicare – Understanding Medical Supplies vs. Durable Medical Equipment A Guest Post by Rodger Sims

August 3, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|

Medicare is a health insurance program that covers people who are over 65 and can cover younger people with disabilities and people suffering from kidney failure, known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD). With over 71.3 million people enrolled, Medicare is one of the largest insurance providers for seniors in the [...]

2707, 2017

Senior Tips – Best Financial Steps to Take When You Are Forced to Retire Early: A Guest Post by Alana Downer

July 27, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|

Retirement confidence is at an all-time low with employees working later into their life in the hope that they don’t outlive their savings. A recent Australian report found that 51% of retirees expected to outlive their savings. Because of stats like these, people are aiming to work longer and harder [...]

2307, 2017

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence: How They’re Related A Guest Post by Eric I. Mitchnick, MD, FACS

July 23, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness of the brain that gradually destroys a person’s cognitive capabilities and, eventually, interferes with the performance of basic daily self-care functions. People in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s tend to experience incontinence, which is loss of control of either the bladder or bowels, or [...]

2706, 2017

Natural Healing Methods For A Family Member With Alzheimer’s Disease: A Guest Post by Katrina Jane Rice

June 27, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|

First of all it is important to note that no cure has been yet found for Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately science has not yet identified any definite medical treatment that can halt the progression of this disorder. For now all we can do for our loved ones is to give them [...]

206, 2017

Unknown Facts How Diet Affects Mental Fatigue & Burnout A Guest Post by Katrina Jane Rice

June 2, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|

  When you first think about fatigue, what usually comes to mind is the physical kind. But there is another form of fatigue that potentially wreaks havoc on your thought processes, motivation and overall success - it is called mental fatigue. Mental fatigue is usually a result of carrying out [...]


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