We have all been through stressful times that has caused us to lose sleep because of worry. However, the challenges of responding to the coronavirus is certainly unprecedented. The magnitude of the pandemic threat and the ever-changing protocols used to meet that threat can make it more difficult than ever to find a firm piece of ground to place your feet and manage your emotions.

One of the keys to managing your emotions involves accepting your feelings as they come and go – which they mostly do – so we are not overly attached, reactive, or overwhelmed by them. Acceptance of how we are feeling good, bad, or indifferent is vital. Denial or postponing acknowledging your emotions serves no purpose other than to add more weight to the load you are already carrying.

I would like to offer a gentle reminder. You are well prepared to deal with this challenge. I’m not referring to academic preparation or honed clinical skills. I’m referring to the opportunities life has offered you to grow and strengthen your character and your resilience.

We’ve all been through what I refer to as life’s “bootcamps moments.” Bootcamp moments are not intended to break you. They are designed to highlight your strengths and reveal those areas where you need to build up your character. Reflect on the tools you used to navigate and come through the challenges of your life and use them to assist you in managing now. You have the right stuff. Tap into it. Be gentle, patient, and kind with yourself. Remember to:

  • Sleep
  • Eat well (watch those carbs!)
  • Hydrate
  • Take your Vitamin C
  • Breathe
  • Find the humor in every moment you can
  • Refuel with those moments that feed your spirit and soul
  • Permit yourself a good cry when it all become too much
  • Stay connected (virtually) with friend and family
  • Never forget you are among the most generous and courageous people on earth.

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Blessings. Your friend, colleague, and coach, Phyllis

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