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One nurse is using her talent to bring out smiles and make connections with her patients.

Whether it’s Elvis or Italian, 33-year-old Kathleen Sarnes is nursing her patients back to health one note at a time.

“She diverts your attention and before you know it, everything is done,” said Tom Delfino, a patient.

But it’s far more than hand holding, she is every bit the registered nurse at Northwell Health’s Staten Island University Hospital.

It’s just that nurse Kathleen is good for both body and soul.

“I was so depressed and down, and then you come in here singing and sunbathing,” a patient said.

Her patients are more joyful when they’re discharged, but ironically Kathleen wasn’t always the joyful type.

“I have a history of depression,” Sarnes said.

So this is healing for her as well.

And it works! Mostly because it’s about making a connection, a meaningful one, through music, even in a patient’s toughest moments. Kathleen remembered one woman in particular.

“I was holding her hand and she had a little smile just before she went,” Sarnes said.

She hopes to continue spreading the word about her techniques.

A video of her and a stroke patient is already going viral.

Happy National Nursing Week Kathleen, and by all means don’t stop the music!


Originally Seen on Channel 7 Eye Witness News Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stacey Sager:

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