Some people view life in a way that guarantees them perpetual failure while others seem to constantly draw success in their lives. What is it that sets these people apart? If you observe successful people, you’ll notice that they see life highly differently that people who aren’t. Without further ado, here are my top 21 differences between winners and losers!

  1. Winners focus on solutions – Losers focus on problems
  2. Winners are confident – Losers self doubt
  3. Winners take responsibility – Losers blame the external world
  4. Winners dream in the day – Losers dream in bed
  5. Winners work to achieve their dreams – Losers work for people who do
  6. Winners think about possibilities – Losers think about obstacles
  7. Winners lead – Losers follow
  8. Winners share their value with people – Losers suck value from people
  9. Winners expand their comfort zone – Losers stay in their comfort zone
  10. Winners are optimistic – Losers are pessimistic
  11. Winners are humble – Losers are pretentious
  12. Winners set goals – Losers lack goals
  13. Winners face their fears – Losers dwell in their fear
  14. Winners take action – Losers find excuses not to
  15. Winners are independent – Losers are helpless without others
  16. Winners are self-affirmed – Losers are self-inhibited
  17. Winners are authentic – Losers fear rejection and conform to people’s expectations
  18. Winners sleep to be able to live their lives more fully – Losers sleep to take a break from their lives.
  19. Winners learn from their mistakes – Losers do the same mistakes over and over again.
  20. Winners build their future – Losers leave their future up to fate
  21. Winners enjoy the present – Losers flee the present by constantly thinking about the past and the future

So, which side are you on? ????

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