If I have a little knowledge
Walking on the great Tao
I fear only to deviate from it
The great Tao is broad and plain
But people like the side paths

The courts are corrupt
The fields are barren
The warehouses are empty

Officials wear fineries
Carry sharp swords
Fill up on drinks and food
Acquire excessive wealth

This is called robbery
It is not the Tao!

                                                                                                       Lao Tzu

This Verse of the Tao Te Ching is a reprimand to those for whom enough is never enough. The message is clear. Feeding the neurotic need to acquire for the sake of stockpiling materials, money or perceived power will only serve to separate you from the peace and harmony that is the Tao. Having excess amounts of anything may offer a momentary sense of security but this is soon followed by the fear and torment of losing this illusion of safety.

I view this passage as an acknowledgment to those who choose to be professional or family caregivers. These words validate that their efforts are indeed in alignment with the Universe. Choosing to care means you choose to be generous. Caregivers practice generosity by sharing their knowledge, skills, time, energy, and in some cases, material resources with those who are in real need.

It is difficult to get through an ordinary day without encountering some form of human exploitation, social injustice, or stealing either directly or via the media. But we cannot allow ourselves to become too discouraged or cynical by this fact. There is far more to celebrate than regret in this life. If you are among the millions of incredible people that live from their heart and feel an sense of joy or satisfaction from helping another person when they are most vulnerable; then celebrate yourself and know that you are on the right Path.


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