The large country is like the lowest river
The converging point of the world
The receptive female of the world
The female always overcomes the male with serenity
Using serenity as the lower position

Thus if the large country is lower than the small country
Then it can take the small country
If the small country is lower than the large country
Then it can be taken by the large country
Thus one uses the lower position to take
The other uses the lower position to be taken
The large country only wishes to gather and protect people
The small country only wishes to join and serve people
So that both obtain what they wish
The larger one should assume the lower position

                                                                                        Lao Tzu

Our energetic bodies are composed of both Masculine (Yang) and Feminine (Yin) Energies.  These terms should not be confused with gender (male/female) but rather represent the characteristics, qualities and temperaments of active and passive ways of being. Trying to maintain balance in our lives often seems unattainable because we do not know how to access or do not dare to access the Divine Feminine (Yin) Energy contained within each of us. This inability leaves you stuck in a predominate state of Yang Energy; which is a state of action, aggression and drive that is exhausting.

The sixty-first verse of the Tao Te Ching instructs that strength lies with the entity in the lower, receptive position. This is traditionally known as the passive position taken by Feminine (Yin) Energy. However, Feminine/Yin Energy is not passive in the sense of do nothing; it is passive in the sense of Subtle, Slow but Steady and Strong.

Yin Energy is Mother Earth. It is fluid and accommodates without yielding the essence of itself to anyone. True, Mother Earth may give way to storms, floods, tornadoes and other challenges posed by the very Yang Energy of Mother Nature but Mother Earth reshapes and never loses herself in the process. This is the lesson contained within this verse of the Tao. Never confuse accommodation with surrender.

My beloved Tri-State areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are digging out from the very Yang Energy of Super Storm Sandy. As we recover let us not add more Yang Energy to the mix. Let us promote a balance by embracing all that is good and strong within us: compassion, patience and optimism.

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