Hand writing Time to Reinvent Yourself with white chalk on blackboard.

Hand writing Time to Reinvent Yourself with white chalk on blackboard.


I know it sounds crazy. How could you be blocking your own success, you want it more than anything.

You’re always thinking about how you want things to be, how you feel they should be by now, but somehow they’re not. And it doesn’t seem like you’re getting any closer.

It’s like running on a treadmill. You’ve been doing it for hours, you’re sweating profusely, and the machine even says you’ve covered a number of miles but you’re still in the same place.

You have no idea when your dreams are going to become real. All you know is you wanted it yesterday, but you’re still waiting.

But you can’t just keep sitting there waiting and wondering, daydreaming about how you want it to be. All that’s going to do is frustrate you further and put more space between you and it.

There are simple ways to close the gap.

Going Nowhere Fast

You’re stuck in this torturous la-la land of dreaming of what you want instead of actually living it because you’re nowhere near it.

You’re not making any progress.

Instead of taking things to the next level and enjoying where you currently are, you’re sulking every time you’re reminded of how difficult things are. And painfully reminded about how easy it could be if you had what you wanted.

You’re not in the worst possible place but you’re not living your idea of success either.

What’s the deal? Right?!

You’re trying to take steps to make things happen but you’re not getting much of a return. At least not like how you thought, or how other people are.

You’re trying to do all these new things, you can barely keep up. And still you’ve only moved an inch.

The fact of the matter is you’re making mistakes that are limiting your progress, limiting your success. If you keep doing this it won’t matter how much more you do, what else you try, you’ll still be holding yourself back in every way.

You still won’t get as far as you could otherwise.

Getting There

These mistakes are putting the nail in your coffin. These are the mistakes that are putting you in the slow lane to success.

It seems simple enough to just stop doing them right? Well it is, if you know what they are.

The only way to get over this mountain sized speed bump on the road to success is to figure out what these disturbing mistakes are and put them behind you.

Once you’re in a place where these mistakes are no longer have a place in your everyday life you’ll start to notice that you’re not running in place anymore.

You’ll actually start seeing some real progress. You’ll be excited and motivated to do more and get even further.

The heights you’ll reach will be unimaginable.

To get off the treadmill and hit the ground running you have to stop making these mistakes:

  1. You’re busy doing nothing

You’re days are filled to the brim. You barely have a minute to yourself. You couldn’t imagine doing one more thing. You just don’t have time for it.

But what are you really doing?

Being busy all the time doesn’t exactly mean that you’re productive. Honestly, your day could be filled with nothing, just a bunch of time wasting activities lined up, one after another.

Chances are you’re spending all of your time doing the light, ease work that isn’t getting you anywhere. You know there’s more to do but you just don’t have time for it. Or at least that’s your excuse.

Busyness doesn’t equal progress. Do things that are actually going to get you farther.

  1. You avoid discomfort

If every time you wanted to try something new but didn’t, because it made you nervous and uncomfortable, you’ll always be missing out.

New things are always going to make you feel weird because they are foreign to you. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t go for it.

When you want to be successful and reach new heights you have to be willing to feel a little uneasy.

Doing new things means breaking boundaries. Continuing to do the same things you’ve always done, the things that you’re comfortable with are not going to get you anywhere.

  1. You have bad habits

Habits are the things that you do naturally without even thinking. They tend to be the thing you always want to do, sometimes not because you actually want to but because it’s so easy.

Habits can be both bad and good, but obviously the bad ones are going to undermine your efforts at success.

Like having a lot of responsibilities and things to get done during the day yet not getting up until 11am to start doing them. A bad habit like this would make it impossible to get everything done before the day is over.

If you need more time during the day you need to make it. You can’t keep getting up late and expecting to get more done with the same amount of limited time.

Make sure that your habits, whatever they are, are bringing your closer to achieving your dreams.

  1. You don’t have goals

Just about everyone has a general idea of what they want. But not having a clear picture is like having nothing at all.

You might think you know what you want but if it isn’t detailed you’ve got nothing.

Without being more specific how will you know how to achieve, how could you be certain you want it. Things can sound good in a general sense but when you get down to it they can turn out to be not so great.

Successful people know exactly what they want, that’s why it seems so easy for them to get it. And they review their goals often.

Get a clear picture of what you really want and set it as a goal.

  1. You don’t have a plan

If you don’t have a goal, you don’t have a plan. And if you do have a goal you probably still don’t have a plan.

Chances are your everyday life is just a series of things you do in reaction to something else, not anything that you are doing purposefully.

Living reactively won’t get you anywhere. If you want your life to be awesome you can’t be passive, you have to take control of it.

Once you have your goals in place, create a plan to make them happen.

  1. You’re inconsistent

You know what you need to do but you only do it sometimes. Not all of the time, certain times when you feel like it.

That’s cool and all but don’t expect much to happen. In fact, if anything happens it’ll happen just like that, sometimes.

I know planning sounds boring and unspontaneous but so is living passively. You don’t have to plan every minute but you do need to be consistent if you want to see progress.

Once you’ve created a plan for your goal, work on it consistently.

  1. You’re not learning

If whenever you experience a failure you only focus on the setback then you’re making a huge mistake.

A failure or mistake isn’t there to keep you from what you’re trying to obtain, it’s to teach you something. Don’t just look at it as a disaster but an opportunity to learn something.

When you only focus on the failure you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes and never make progress. But if you take something useful from it you can start again with that advantage.

Learn what you can from the experience, make the changes necessary and try again.

  1. You’re worried about the wrong things

Are you still hung up on something that happened a few days ago or even years ago, why? You don’t have a time machine so you can’t go back and change it. So, really, what’s the point?

Just let it go.

Focus on what you can change now and work towards your future instead of focusing on your past.

Making it easier

The road to success can seem long and torturous when you’re doing little things that you don’t even realize are hurting your chances.

You don’t go through the trouble of making an effort just to stay in the same place.

Ditch these disturbing mistakes so you can get off the treadmill of dormancy and start to see some real progress.

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