Being a caregiver means not only taking care for someone’s physical needs, but also communicating effectively with this person. No one wants to be sick and/or old and you need to cheer up the one you want to help.

Since caregiving is not an easy task, here is a list of top activities which you should do as a caregiver. Thus, you will be able to make the life of the one you are caring for really better.

  1. Listen to music together

This is something which does not require a physical effort and is great for the soul. Music helps people relax and enjoy their moments. Classic music is the best choice because it is so soothing and almost everyone likes it.

  1. Play cards or a board game together

This is a great way to communicate and have fun. Again, playing games is not physically exhausting but definitely brings pleasure. Just choose the game you both prefer and enjoy your time together.

  1. Go for a walk

This one is more physically challenging but is still a great idea. Exercise is essential for having better health. So, spend some time every day for going out together with the one you care for. You need to pay attention when fatigue appears in the elderly person and go home soon.

  1. Make a weekly meal menu

It is quite useful to discuss the menu for the next week. Since you probably prepare or buy the meals, you should choose the ones that take you less money and time. Still, you should ask for the preferences of the elderly person. Otherwise, you will spend time and money on something that he or she will not eat.

  1. Water the plants at home

Even when you are sick and old, it is quite satisfying to take care for someone or something else. That is why many elderly people like having plants at home. Water the plants together to make sure that they will survive.

  1. Have a picnic or afternoon tea

These are great ideas because they both involve some preparation, as well as spending some time together. Make the tea or the meals for the picnic together. Then have some pleasure time at home or outdoors but close to home. If you have a picnic outdoors, you might even have a little nap on a blanket afterwards in the fresh air.

The following two activities you should perform by yourself as a caregiver. They will ensure more safety at home.

  1. Install a medical alert system

Medical Alert systems are designed to send emergency alarms and summon emergency medical personnel when a medical emergency take place. Usually these systems come with a wireless transmitter that could be activated in the event of an emergency. In case of a medical emergency, such a system might be essential.

  1. Tidy up the house

Make sure that you get rid of all that might be dangerous or just is unnecessary. There should be nothing on the floor that makes walking more difficult. Also, make sure that there is nothing heavy that might fall down. After all, elderly people rarely need a lot of stuff, so just throw away or put in the garage everything that is not really necessary.

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