MFW Consultants

A full-service nurse-owned and -operated consulting firm, focusing on leadership development, team building, training, and seminars.

Founded by Phyllis S. Quinlan

President | PhD, RN, NPD-BC

Our Mission

  • To celebrate, inform, and support the professional and family caregiver.

  • To provide executive coaching, leadership development, personal and career coaching to the interprofessional healthcare team

  • Post-COVID recovery for the caregiver, individuals, and teams working through the stress of their COVID experience

  • To collaborate with healthcare facilities and organizations in the creation of healthy work environments

  • To provide certified legal nurse consulting and expert witness services for healthcare organizations, nurses, and nursing support staff

Our Services

I am a Certified Professional Coach specializing in the unique needs of professional and family caregiver.

Our Services Include:

  • 1:1 executive coaching, individual and group leadership development, interprofessional team building, and enhancing staff engagement

  • Personal and career coaching for the professional and family caregiver challenged by work-life balance, caregiver fatigue, and burnout

  • Post COVID-19 recovery for individuals and teams who responded personally and professionally to the crisis and challenges of the pandemic

  • Keynote/plenary speaker providing compelling virtual and live lecturers, training, and seminars

  • Providing certified legal nurse consulting and expert witness services (specializing in defense) to healthcare organizations, nurses, and nursing support staff

Founded in 1994, MFW Consultants to Professionals has grown into a multiservice consulting company collaborating with:

  • Professionals seeking the benefits of executive coaching

  • Individuals and organizations seeking leadership development

  • Individuals seeking personal development through career and life coaching

  • Healthcare organizations working to create healthy work environments

  • Individuals and organizations seeking coaching services to address Post-COVID stress related to their staff’s COVID experience

  • Organizations working to improve team motivation and staff engagement

  • Legal Firms and insurance companies, specializing in medical malpractice for the defense, seeking the services of a certified legal nurse consultant and expert witness

  • Professional and family caregivers experiencing burnout, compassion fatigue, and trying to improve their work-life balance
  • Organizations seeking a keynote speaker, plenary speaker, or lecturer offering virtual or live training and seminars

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You are only really free when you learn how to let go of fear.
Spend 90 minutes with her. It will change you.
I had lost my self-confidence and she helped me find it again.
She has truly helped me deal with my isolation, frustration, and a sense of powerlessness. I now have a plan.
I learned tons about my self-awareness and how to partner better with myself.
I learned that it is my birthright to always stay connected to the joy of what I do.
Phyllis has a great wealth of knowledge.
She listens, she relates, she sees you, and she understands.
Absolutely talk to her about your LinkedIn Page.
Career coaching is a gift you should absolutely give to yourself.
When we finished my resume, I was astounded at how much she made me realize I’ve really accomplished. I cannot believe how I had undervalued myself.
I will not let go of endurance and work on being resilient.