Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

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Recruiting top, visionary executive talent is crucial. However, the success of any organization begins with the authentic relatability and engagement of its executive team and departmental leadership with its staff members.

An executive coach can partner with you to:

  • Sort through the business and industry issues that loom large as a result of the pandemic to create a healthy work environment that will help you cap the bleed of talent and skills in your organization.

  • Guide you in reevaluating your current approaches to strategic thinking and planning to align with the pivoting needed to succeed in this post-pandemic landscape.

  • Support you as you bravely lean in, with transparency, to the challenges, mindsets, an ineffective skill that are short-circuiting your future opportunities.

  • Fully understand and practice true collaboration.

  • Partner with you to develop your leadership team’s ability to take your organization to the next level or practice and service.

Connect with Dr. Quinlan today to explore the benefits of an executive coach or leadership development for your organization.  

Dr. Phyllis is Career Coach for the American Association of Perioperative Nurses/AORN and the American Association of Nurses/New York State Chapter (ANA-NY).