Virtual Internal Coaching Sessions

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What Is an Internal Coach?

An Internal Coach is a certified professional coach available to offer episodic or ongoing coaching services to executive leadership, director level leadership, and managerial level leadership. However, in this post-pandemic world many visionary organizations, are also making professional coaching services available to ALL staff in an effort to reconnect their staff to mission and purpose, re-ignite engagement, and create healthy workplaces where talent can thrive.

Is the Internal Coach traditionally a full-time member of the organization’s staff?

Yes, that is the conventional approach. However, many organizations are unable to create or justify such a position on their table of organization. This is why the concept of partnering with a Virtual Internal Coach is so appealing.

Why is an Internal Coach more appealing than a convention External Coach?

It’s all about ACCESS. The external coaching model typically limits access and service to executive leadership and commands a commensurate fee for services exclusive to that target group.

The Virtual Internal Coach offers access to more employees in a convenient, far more accessible manner using meeting platforms that promote connection when it is best for the person being coached. These sessions/connections are not confined to the workplace hours. Sessions are held at times mutually agreed upon. They can be scheduled for off-hours or other convenient time which increases the appeal of the service and translates into a TRUE benefit for the staff.

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