Markgraban Phyllis Podcast

Understanding and Effectively Managing Bullying & Incivility in Healthcare

Podcast with Dr. Phyllis Quinlan

In today’s episode, Phyllis shares a story, and deeper lessons and reflections, about her favorite mistake — taking on a colleague’s bullying behavior on her own, thinking she could fix that person. She didn’t go to HR or the executive team until it was too late. Phyllis talks about two types of bad behavior in the workplace: 1) The chronically clueless and unaware and 2) “Narcissists with a license.” The former group you can help, the latter cannot be helped. Phyllis shares lessons about what leaders can and should do about bullies in the workplace. What happens with a leader (or even the CEO) is a bully? How can we bring ‘shadow behavior’ into the light of day and prevent a toxic work environment? What are some mistakes that leaders make in dealing with bullies? How can we better train managers to deal with this?