605, 2020

Happy Nurse Recognition Week 2020: The Year of the Nurse and Midwife

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Never forget, when the Universe created this Blue Planet, it asked a small legion of compassion, generous, and brave souls to dedicate the careers to taking care of its inhabitants...and your soul said yes. You are doing the universe's work each and every day. You give meaning to the phrase, [...]

3009, 2015

Celebrate the Profession of Nursing: Emotional Reunion for Nurse and Woman Badly Burned as Infant

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A photo taken in 1977 shows a nurse cradling a badly-burned infant, Amanda Scarpinati, at an Albany, New York, hospital. The patient recovered and spent years searching for her mystery caretaker. Scarpinati and nurse Sue Berger were reunited Tuesday. Michelle Miller reports. [youtube]


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