2203, 2017

Make These Urgent Lifestyle Changes To Lower Stroke Risk: A Guest Post by Katrina Rice

March 22, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , , , , , |

A stroke is not a medical mystery that strikes patients randomly. In fact, 90% of strokes are due to factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other medical risks which are all preventable. Even so, you do not have to train like a professional athlete, eat like a beauty [...]

1703, 2017

Talks with Greg; Conversations In Caregiving – Sheila Warnock

March 17, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , , , , , | For more than fifteen years, EmblemHealth has been a leader in the arena of family caregiving. Talks with Greg; Conversations In Caregiving is a video series designed to explore topics with experts involved for many years in caregiving. Every episode will have a new guest from a different [...]

803, 2017

HerVoiceIsMyVoice: Celebrate the Women Who Inspire Us Every Day

March 8, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , |

The strength of individual women empowers us all. This International Women’s Day, we’re turning up the volume on female voices and honoring the impact they have on all of us. #HerVoiceIsMyVoice is a moment to celebrate and share the voices of inspirational women from around the world. Show your support [...]

1102, 2017

How to Determine if Someone is Having a Stroke A Guest Post by the Health Services Blog for Slidell Memorial Hospital in Louisiana

February 11, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , |

  Were you aware that strokes are a type of disease? Strokes influence arteries that lead to the brain, as well as those within it. Another horrifying fact: A stroke can occur in anybody. Enough with the bad news, here’s some good news: You can learn just how to detect [...]

402, 2017

Message from AARP: We’re Building a Movement to Protect Medicare by John Hishta

February 4, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , , , , |

Online and on the ground, people are lining up to fight with us! by John Hishta, AARP, February 3, 2017 If you’ve been paying attention to politics lately, you’re certainly aware that social media is playing a huge role in our national conversation. Just think about how our new president uses [...]

3101, 2017

AARP Will Battle Proposals to Gut Medicare: by John Hishta Originally Posted by AARP Advocacy January 2017

January 31, 2017|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , | If you’ve been following the news lately, you know that President Trump has had a busy first week in the White House. As he signed executive orders, appointed high-level staff and hosted meetings in the Oval Office, our 45th president has made it abundantly clear that he’s eager to [...]

611, 2016

How to Escort Seniors to the Voting Polls A Guest Post By : A Place for Mom Staff

November 6, 2016|Categories: Overcoming Caregiver Fatigue|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Originally Posted in the Senior Living Blog: Posted On 24 Oct 2016 The United States has a proud democratic tradition dating back more than 200 years, and that tradition is based on the right to vote. Unfortunately, many older people who are receiving care at senior living communities aren’t always able exercise that [...]


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