Workplace Violence

2411, 2015

Violence in the Emergency Department is on the Rise: We Need a Better Plan for the Emergency Treatment of the Mentally Challenged

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ER Nurse Recounts Being ‘Slapped, Pinched, Spat On’ By Patients   [youtube] LOS ANGELES ( — As an emergency room nurse, Elizabeth Hawkins has seen it all. “I have been slapped, pinched, spat on,” said Hawkins. “I want to make sure that I’m coming home to my family every night. [...]

1701, 2015

Violence in Nursing: What, Why and How to Respond Guest Post By Jennifer Ward

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The propensity for violence in nursing, particularly in the Emergency Room (ER), is abnormally high. After all, emotions are extremely volatile and judgment is often clouded. In turn, most facilities have instituted a respective “violence-prevention” program to monitor work related assaults but unfortunately, while this intervention can reduce the number [...]


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